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Cheap Prada Bags killer package model, in fact everyone has always been the killer mouth bags are established models, referred to as Saffiano BN 2274, this model is representative of the large size of the killer package. In addition, Cheap Prada Bags also launched a color mosaic advanced version killer package, named Saffiano Lux.
Quality is a model of the Cheap Prada Bags brand, leather cross pattern using Cheap Prada Bags features, making and brass hardware accessories, leather tailoring and manual suture are exquisite, have extraordinary temperament, there is a very practical atmosphere, excellent performance, and meet the various match highlights, the best choice is the absolute urban women. Cheap Prada Bags code killer bag selection SaffianoLux leather material, the other killer package is not only good-looking but also very durable, which is one of the reasons why so many people choose the killer bag.
1.Cheap Prada Bags killer package Mini
Bag width ca. 26 cm; ca. 17 cm tall; ca. cm deep; ca. 11 cm in diam.; shoulder strap ca. 94~103 cm;
2.Cheap Prada Bags killer Kit
About 29.5 cm wide, about 20 meters high, about 13.5 cm deep; shoulder strap length of about 97 cm, width of about 1 cm (adjustable);
3.Cheap Prada Bags killer bag medium
About 37 cm wide; ca. 26 cm tall; ca. cm deep; ca. 36 cm, ca. 12 cm tall;
4.Cheap Prada Bags killer pack
39 cm wide; about 42 cm high; about 18 cm deep; double handles about 13 cm high.

When the spring and summer season luxury decoration and luxury is menacing, Cheap Prada Bags design style suddenly come to a one hundred and eighty degree shift reduction for simple and comfortable style. There is a sense of anti tide and anti climax. New York Donna Karen is carrying a black nylon cloth series Cheap Prada Bags bags to go out, the past two years Cheap Prada Bags also develop some leather fashions, like a small shopping bag, colorful color, and easy maintenance of the canvas material, set off another wave of popular bag.
Cheap Prada Bags Tatoo Series in the Chinese market will provide 4 handbags and accessories. Tatoo handbags available in 3 colors: black, grey and camouflage camouflage color (mimetico). The design of each handbag is inspired by the ancient legend.
Cheap Prada Bags was founded in 1913 by Miuccia Cheap Prada Bags’s grandfather Mario Cheap Prada Bags in Milan. Located in Milan’s famous glass dome shopping center Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Cheap Prada Bags boutique specializes in the selection of high-quality raw materials to produce exquisite workmanship and high quality luxury travel products and accessories.

Price: Cheap Prada Bags bag handbag mostly 6 and 7000 portable shoulder bag mostly 7, 8000, 4, 50003000 is the most short wallet wallet, may messenger is mostly 6 and 7000, but the messenger of the mostly single shoulder backpack, mostly above 6000, tens of thousands are expensive can.
The above is a luxury gold investment network killer package: Cheap Prada Bags Saffiano BN 2274, because in the movie mission impossible 4 was the killer Mona carry pistols, with a mask with diamond, triangular mark striking the stately repeatedly appear on the big screen, each has a low exclaimed dark theater — Cheap Prada Bags! So this instant burst red hot!
The bag body by Cheap Prada Bags Italy’s top quality special leather production, shockproof, dustproof, anti tear, wear, use Cheap Prada Bags special lining material, soft and comfortable, large capacity, thick strap designs, Italy imported hardware accessories, do not fade, quality first layer of leather, fine workmanship, line full uniform, neat car line, finishing clean, high cost, professional technicians to create Europe’s, half bag body style elegance, exquisite detail, Cheap Prada Bags is enduring classic handbag, all-match style and practicality by fashionable women of all ages! The vast non general level on the market can be compared!
Cheap Prada Bags (Cheap Prada Bags) is the most famous luxury brand in Italy. Cheap Prada Bags is the founder of MarioCheap Prada BagsandBrother Mario Cheap Prada Bags brothers, they registered in 1913 in Italy, Milan brand, and in Italy, the center of the city founded the first boutique.
Founder Mario (Cheap Prada Bags) designed by the fashion and quality handbags, suitcases, leather accessories and cosmetics boxes and other products, has been favored by the royal family and upper class society and sought after by Mario Cheap Prada Bags. Designer Mario Cheap Prada Bags operating mainly of leather goods and imported goods before 1978.
In 1978, Miuccia Bianchi Cheap Prada Bags (MiucciaBianchiCheap Prada Bags) is the founder of the brand Mario. Cheap Prada Bags’s daughter, inherited the legacy of his grandfather’s Cheap Prada Bags style, make the brand become one of the world’s hottest famous trademark. Cheap Prada Bags is Italy’s brand, so some China style is not very full, it is not very easy to buy, plus the killer package price is also more expensive, so many people will choose to purchase way to buy Cheap Prada Bags killer package. But we do not think that the price on the right must be genuine, so in understanding how much money Cheap Prada Bags killer package, we should also keep their eyes open and learn how to identify the true and false Cheap Prada Bags killer package.
1 hardware accessories
Cheap Prada Bags genuine hardware extremely smooth and not easy scratches, no uneven phenomenon.
2 attack
Observe the unique Cheap Prada Bags bag side attack, some imitation, some will be more rough, and forget to set in.
3 triangle mark
We can also observe the Cheap Prada Bags triangulation, very detailed, it is difficult to imitate, and even line, and the edge of the distance of about 1 mm.
4 signs
We all know that Cheap Prada Bags is the brand of Italy, but the sign will write made in Milano instead of made in Italy, as well as multi observation font.

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