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Quality is a model of the Cheap Prada Bags brand, leather cross pattern using Cheap Prada Bags features, making and brass hardware accessories, leather tailoring and manual suture are exquisite, have extraordinary temperament, there is a[……]

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How to identify the Replicas of Prada bags?

Prada Handbags Replica Luxury Designer Fake Handbags
1. Packaging accessories replicas
Prada accessories have two copies of identity cards, and instructions. There are two identity cards, one is paper and the other is plastic. The letter 2113 on the two identity cards is a comparison, in color and model Can be matched.
Second, the logo
The prada replicas dolabuy logo is a serif font, and each letter has certain characteristics. The R of the R has a 5261 gap, the thickness of the left and right lines of A is different, and the right is thicker than the left. Three, triangle mark
The external standard of prada replicas  is generally in the form of a triangle. The 4102 position marked by the genuine red line should be 11 pins, and the position marked by the blue line is 14 pins. The metal labels are all on the same level on the 1653 line, and the spacing between each letter is the same. The fakes are often wrong, and many metal labels will be done at different levels.
The simplest is to look at the logo and the zipper head. The gold chain zipper head has Lampo on the reverse side, and the silver practice zipper head is riri.
Logo, you should pay attention to the bott[……]

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Cheap Pradas Outlet was a former replica Prada online store found to be selling replica Prada items, in violation of many Federal laws of the United States of America.

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